High Achievers Guide to Being a Decent Parent Audiobook

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"The High Achievers Guide to being a Decent Parent” is a practical book written for parents who want to raise healthy, independent, and self-motivated children with common sense.This audiobook is 30 minutes long and set to background music by Thaddeus.


·       Promotes the development of rational thinking in both parent and child

·       Helps parents raise strong, resilient, and less violent children

·       Encourages parents and children to be problems solvers

·       Helps parents become involved their child’s life in a healthy way

·       Increases self-esteem in parents and children

·       Inspires parents to become their children’s role model

·       Encourages parents and kids to take personal responsibility

·       Teaches conflict resolution

·       Promotes open communication and mutual respect

·      Strengthens a healthy emotional bond between parent and child

·       Teaches parents how to set healthy limits and carry out effective consequences

·       Encourages healthy inter-personal and social skills development

·       Practical guide that is only 45 pages long

·       Audiobook is 30 minutes long

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