My gift to you - the NEW 2014 10-Minute Meditation for those moments when you are pressed for time but need to reconnect with yourself. Thank you for a wonderful 20 years of service; I look forward to another 20 years. ~Jinnie Cristerna, LCSW, CHt
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Soothing music and a guided meditation will help you begin your day having already learned two valuable lessons. Thaddeus provides the beautiful music that takes you deep into your core and connect with your true self. DIGITAL DELIVERY, NO REFUNDS.
Making good decisions is an essential meditation. Good decisions are made when your mind is clear and free to consider all of the information available to you. Jinnie Cristerna leads you on a wonderful journey while Thaddeus provides the soothing music.
Begin your day integrating heaven and earth into your heart with the soothing music of Thaddeus. Meditation includes relaxation, breathing and your own personal prayer to guide you through your day. 15 minutes in length.
Prepare to enter a blissful state of sleep as Jinnie Cristerna, LCSW, CHt. guides you through a calm and relaxing meditation to clear your mind while relaxing your body and soul. Set to the music of Thaddeus, you are sure to experience a quality sleep.
If you're stressed and would like to be able to experience more peace, give the Stress Reduction Meditation Set a try. This is a four-week meditation program designed to help you release stress and replace it with power, relief, and clarity.
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